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Value Chain Dispersion 


  • How far and wide your company can reach in search of markets and resources? With right slicing and dispersion of value chain or business unit(s), your business can operate like a school of fish and reach distant markets; access critical resources located far away.  


  • With disaggregation and dispersion, your company can create new markets or with multipronged competitive strategies you can challenge larger rivals. School of fish formation can render a unique optimal strategy for each rival you encounter.                              


  • This strategy enables outsourcing, offshoring, global reach and can reduce investment risk and bureaucratic cost. With school of fish strategy, you can try co-branding or create franchising or alliances in manufacturing, marketing and retail aspects of value chain. You can facilitate autonomy, profit sharing and enhance innovation and customer responsiveness.  


  • Operating like a school of fish, your value chain will have the potential to unleash innovations and render a kaleidoscopic configuration of new unoccupied product-market domains. 

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