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Empowering Leadership


Empowerment is the cornerstone of the school of fish strategy (SOFS). Trustworthy leaders, greater autonomy, and sharing power & ownership are natural corollaries of shoaling formation thus empowering the whole organization toward effective strategy execution.


With disaggregated value chains nested through kaleidoscopic architecture (modular units, self-managing teams, cross-functional interfaces, and communities-of-best-practices), a business can be endowed with a greater impetus for innovation. The knowledge-driven dispersed organization can organize the core activity and its functions in the form of networked franchises or alliances providing the necessary autonomy, entrepreneurial dynamism and innovativeness.


Empowering features of SOFS complement leadership and enhance the responsiveness, agility and speed required to function in complex and uncertain industries. Learning capacity is enhanced in shoaling organization because of its market orientation and shared ownership structure. Shoaling entails opportunities for emergent strategies.


Instead of vertical commands, a ‘concertive control’ by fostering espirit-de-corps, team spirit, and shared mindset will be given strategic thrust in a school of fish organization. 





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