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"Shoaling or School of Fish Strategy is a strategic design and configuration of an organization's value chain and assets as smaller, dis-aggregated and dispersed units through modularity, franchising, alliances, teams, and ownership-sharing so as to create competitive formations and reach markets far and wide, and achieve sustainable growth, learning economies, innovation, agility, and speed while reducing cost and investment risk".  

Main features of School of Fish Strategy 

"New Age Business Paradigm"


School of Fish Strategy is a new age paradigm born  out of a synthesis of the state-of-art strategy and  management practices by most successful organizations across industries. 

"High Growth without Bigness"


Shoaling or School of Fish Strategy enables your firm to achieve high-growth with lesser asset concentration and investment. 

"Quick Fish can eat Large Fish"


With School of Fish strategy, "quick fish - albeit smaller - can eat large fish" defying the notion "big fish eats small fish"; Because smart strategy with school-of-fish formation and kaleidoscopic organization delivers agility and speed for small firms to challenge larger rivals. 

"Reduces Opportunity Cost and Risk" 


School-of-Fish Strategy not only eliminates opportunity cost of losing emerging markets, but also reduces investment risk associated with large-scale integration.

"Multi-Pronged Competitive Strategy"


School-of-Fish formation enables multi-pronged competitive strategies permitting a firm to develop unique or optimal strategy for each rival it encounters in the respective market or region.

"Small, Beautiful, and Sustainable"


School of Fish Strategy is not only lean, but can enhance quality, customization, product variety, quality of work life (QWL), quality of life, and overall sustainability of enterprise. 

"Shoaling: A Sound Corporate Investment"


Shoaling among small firms as a constellation will enable raising finance in the stock market and getting listed as a portfolio of competences. This strategy will decrease organizational inertia and offer the resource heterogeneity to sustain innovations. 

Smart Enterprise Strategy

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