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Article on Shoaling Strategy
Shoaling As Competitive Strategy
Toward A Smarter Enterprise 

     School of Fish Strategy (Shoaling) for 

 Smarter Enterprise 


How do you build a Smarter Business Enterprise that is agile, nimble and swifter in responding to continually evolving markets? What can you try to make your organization innovative and adaptive to the change? How will you grow your business without the shackles of bureaucracy? What will make your business highly responsive to dynamic markets? How to challenge the formidable rivals without incurring heavy investment? How will you reduce uncertainty and risk while seeking high growth? 

We can find answers to these questions through a business model innovation "School of Fish Strategy or Shoaling Strategy (SOFS)" - a synthesis of the state-of-art management research and practice. Your business organization can be turned into a smarter enterprise with the school-of-fish strategy or shoaling formation nested with kaleidoscopic organization design, modular value chain, symbiotic processes and dynamic configuration of product-market domains. 


Not only business firms but also the Government and NGO entities need the disaggregation and dispersion strategy to become more agile and responsive. Shoaling and team-based organizational design will enhance the responsiveness and agility of the government sector organizations and thus can improve their innovation potential.  


Most successful corporations from a range of industries pursuing school of fish strategy including WL Gore Associates, Kyocera ceramics, Nucor Steels, Google, Boston Beers (Samuel Adams), Nike, Apple, Sweet Water Breweries and Toyota Motors are showcased in our research articles and website.  Uber and Airbnb are 21st-century businesses built on the shoaling model with the help of the internet, mobile communication architecture, and GPS. You will find here a collection of techniques and instructions to implement school of fish strategy.  



We intend to reach a global audience of technocrats, entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts, government bureaucrats, NGOs and environmentalists, and empower them with ideas, international business education, financial & investment knowledge, organization design methods, multi-nation cultural awareness, and the state-of-art management and strategy models. We aim to reach as many enterprising individuals as possible without any gender, income, or ethnic bias crossing national boundaries. School of fish is a strategic design and innovative configuration of business model that naturally matches with our effort. 


Small business ventures face challenges due to lack of scale economies, capital, resource or global reach. Especially in manufacturing and technology-based start-ups, small firms have cost disadvantage and breaking the industry, cultural and institutional barriers is a serious challenge for small firms. Global business is almost forbidden for newborn, small and medium scale enterprises. School of Fish Strategy offers new perspectives and strategies to overcome these challenges. In the age of internet and digital revolution, School of Fish Strategy offers practical models to implement competitive strategies. We conduct research, organize business idea competitions with cash prizes, offer data access to the target audience. 


Large businesses and government entities too require restructuring and rethinking to overcome the challenges of dynamic technologies and complex volatile markets. School of fish strategy offers creative avenues for building effective and responsive organization design and culture.   



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