• Senthil Kumar, PhD.

Toward... a World of Free Energy or Free of Energy Cost

If you throw a question "What makes the world go around?" For several people the response would be Love… For some modern thinkers the answer would be Knowledge… For a few noble-minded men, Justice will be the solid answer…For almost all, the most practical answer would be the Stomach… Whether Love, Knowledge, Justice or the Stomach, to make the world go around, humanity cannot evade the preordained burden of Energy. Given the size and survival demands of the growing human population, Without Energy modern humanity cannot persist let alone prosper or break new paths to the frontiers in Mars or Moon. Even the most ubiquitous and powerful Money cannot buy some critical energy sources.

Energy can easily account for 25 to 50% of the cost of most of the products and services that we consume on a daily basis. Food, Transportation, Communication and Heating and Cooling essential for living cannot be produced and delivered without energy.